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By registering in our database, you gain access to our Vendor Portal and Contest System. The Vendor Portal is used for job-related communications. The Contest System is designed for translation contests (see this page for details). You may use the same email and password to log in to the Vendor Portal or Contest System. To log in to the Contest System, please use "Sign In" tab in the upper part of our Contest System web-site.

You'll need this form only once. Please don't use it after the first stage of the registration process is complete. If you forget your password or wish to change any information, please use this link.


The registration is a two-step process:

1. Submit this short form. You will receive an e-mail message with a link to our vendor portal.

2.Please use this link to complete your registration on our Vendor Portal.

On our vendor portal, you will see the following tabs:

COUNTRY AND CURRENCY: Please indicate your billing country; the only currency option is US dollars.

SERVICES: Please enter your target language (your native language), source languages, and services you provide.

RATES: In this tab, please indicate your minimum rates per word/hour. Your actual rates will NOT be determined based on this value. We don't use fixed rates for our translators. Actual compensation constitutes a steady percentage (~70%) of the project cost. Your minimum rate will be considered only in the case of high volume or philanthropic projects.


Education - Please tell us about any relevant education you have. If you have any technical, medical, legal or any other professional education, be sure to add information about your degree and specialty/subspecialty.

Work experience - Please tell us when you started working as a translator and in which areas you work. Provide detail about specific projects you worked on, including the approximate word count for these projects. Should you have any professional experience (as a doctor, engineer, scholar, etc.), this information is also of great importance.

Certificates - While we don't place our confidence in language certificates or affiliations with language-focused organizations, please note any certificates you may have: we may need them in our negotiations with clients.

References - We have found references to be somewhat unreliable, but please feel free to include them: some clients do require references.

Software - Please let us know about your CAT tools and any other relevant software you use (e.g., DTP applications).

Additional information - Please feel free to add any other relevant information. Don't forget to include links to your professional accounts (Proz.com, LinkedIN, TranslatorsCafe.com, etc.).

PAYMENTS: Please specify your preferred payment methods. We prefer PayPal (we pay charges).

CONTACT: Please indicate your mailing address. Do not edit the Contact person section. You shall be the sole contact person.

VERIFY & FINISH: Please review your information. Your registration will be complete after you press the FINISH button.

After you are done with the registration, you become a POTENTIAL translator. We may change your status to ACTIVE based on your contest results or other considerations.


The easiest way to become our preferred translator is to participate in our contests. To do so, please register and check this page for the open contests in your language pairs. To log in to our contest system, please use "Sign In" tab in the upper part of this web-site. You will need same same email address and password you used to register in our system.

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